Sher Burckhalter

Sher Burckhalter Administrative Assistant


Sher Burckhalter

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 623-583-6141
Fax: 623-583-6152

Sher Burckhalter is the Administrative Assistant of Hillspring Financial and works part time, Monday through Friday 8:00am-12:00pm.  She has worked in the financial services environment for over 30 years and is happy to have found the Hillspring Financial family.  She has a focus on customer service and  satisfaction and is anxious to meet our clients and to assist in their financial needs.

Sher and her husband, Jim, have a combined family of 8 grown children and have been blessed with 9 grandchildren.    They moved to the Phoenix area in 2011 and plan on retiring here.   In her spare time Sher likes to read, garden, hike, swim and collect rocks.