Catherine Blair

Catherine Blair Phoenix Client Relations Manager


Catherine Blair

Client Relations Manager

Phone: 623-583-6141
Fax: 623-583-6152

Catherine Blair has proudly served as Client Relations manager of Hillspring Financial, Inc. since 2014 and Corporate Secretary since 2015.  Prior to entering into the financial services industry in 2007, she worked in the compliance department of Honeywell Aerospace and in hospitality providing exceptional experiences to corporate guests in local high-end resorts.  These positions helped build her keen attention to detail and dedication to customer service that make Catherine a valuable asset to Hillspring Financial, Inc. and its clientele.

Catherine has volunteered with Boy Scouts of America and Habitat for Humanity along with serving in her church.  She enjoys reading, gardening and traveling. Her most valued time is spent with her family and their plethora of furry, feathered and reptilian animals.  Catherine and her husband Jerry are proud parents of five young men (Shannon, Erik, Jerry Jr., Levi, Jesse) and one daughter (Caiden).